Sitemap - 2019 - Photo of the Day

The 50 Mile Hike of TR and JFK

Before 9/11 there was "Black Tom"

Saigon's Last Day

The U-2 Spy Plane Program

The OSS Jedburgh Teams, 1944-45

The Secret Soviet Buildup in Cuba, 1962

The Spy Trade That Brought U2 Pilot Francis Gary Powers Home

The Fanciful Dreams of the Autocrat: Stalin's "Dead Road"

The secret Nazi shipment of uranium and V-2 rockets to Imperial Japan

US-Soviet Standoff at Checkpoint Charlie,1961

Russian Officials Who Covertly Assist the CIA

The US Scientific Expedition to Explore the Pacific Basin, 1838

The International Humanitarian Work of Herbert Hoover

Grant's Post-Presidency Trip Around the World

Lessons from Nixon's Impeachment

Trump and Nixon Offer Similar Defenses

Age, Health and the Presidency

The Founding Fathers' Advice on Impeachment

Putin's Fingerprints on the Trump/Ukraine Scandal

Lincoln's Rebuke of the Demagogue

George Wallace Defeated at the Schoolhouse Door

Muhammad Ali: "Impossible is not a fact. It's an opinion."

The Glomar Explorer

Nixon's Secret Bombing of Cambodia

Jesse Owens and the 1936 Berlin Olympics

The Trump Assault on U.S. Conservation Laws

The USS Pueblo

Republican Senator Howard Baker and the Watergate Hearings

How Arlington Cemetery Began

A Pearl Harbor Backstory

The Civil War Veterans' Gettysburg Reunion

LBJ Seeks Advice on Vietnam

Admiral Zumwalt and Agent Orange

The 1904 World's Fair, St. Louis

The Failed Iran Hostage Rescue, 1980

JFK's Team of Advisors; Cuban Missile Crisis

My Grandpa's Grandpa Worked for General Grant

"Give Him the Chair"

Notable American Immigrants

Life in America just before 9/11

Would you want to work in a meat processing plant?

Nixon's Secret Backchannel, 1968

The Arguments For and Against Nixon's Impeachment

George Custer Had a Pet Pelican

Trump's Failed North Korea Policy

HRC Was Right About Trump

LT Robert S. Mueller

The Secret US Air War in South Vietnam, 1962

The Iran Nuclear Deal

The 25th Amendment

Violence Against Migrant Women and US Asylum Law

What is Driving Immigration From El Salvador, Guatamala and Honduras?

Presidential War Powers

Executive Privilege, Absolute Immunity and Contempt

Presidential Pardons

The Hatch Act